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Jumiso - Let's Go! Kit


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Product Description

Lets Go! Kit Contains : Facial Cleanser 10ml+ Toner 15ml+ Serum 5ml+ Cream 10g Jumiso Lets Go Kit is a miniature skincare routine to tackle dull and textured skin. Start the routine with a mild citrusy cleanser to get rid of dirt and excess sebum. Follow up with an exfoliating toner to resurface skin, promoting a smoother appearance. Then, brighten your complexion with the serum infused with Vitamin C. Finish off your routine with the cream to seal in all the moisture. A balanced kit with miniatures to have a nice routine at hand. The products contain vitamin-rich sea buckthorn fruit, soothing Centella and skin-repairing snail mucin. - Suitable for sensitive skin. All day Vitamin Brightening & Balancing Serum 5ml: non-water-based and high concentration serum. All day Vitamin Clean & Mild Cleanser 10ml: Low pH cleanser, mild gel texture. Yes I m toner AHA 5% 15ml: Alcohol free toner, exfoliation & maintenance of moisturizing power Have a good cream Snail & Centella 10g: Soothing care, improvement of skin blemishes. Suggest Use Cleanser: Make bubbles on wet hands and start cleansing. Rinse thoroughly with water. Toner: With a cotton pad soaked in toner, use it along your skin texture, like when you wipe your skin. Serum: After using toner, in the essence stage, take an appropriate amount and apply it all over the face to absorb. Cream: Apply it evenly in the face, in the morning and evening.

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